A Star Is Born

Was it the cast? Was it the storyline? Perhaps, it was the romance, musical and drama genre of the movie that you just couldn’t wait to watch it in the theatres.

Or was it simply because everyone hyped the movie so much that you decided to jump on the bandwagon too?

Let’s just say, all things aside, the movie was actually amazing.

Do you ever wonder though, what makes a good movie? Or what really drives up the numbers that determine a movie’s ultimate success?

Genre Plays a Huge Part Many people walked out of the cinema after watching the latest movie in the Mission Impossible series saying that they absolutely loved the action shown in the movie. Some even said the plot and storyline were extremly intriguing.

What do they really mean by that?

Just like us human beings, movies also have their own unique personalities. No two movies are the same, yet they can be similar in certain aspects. That similarity comes from the particular ‘genre’ of the movie.

Genre basically comes from a French word that means ‘type’, ‘kind’ or ‘category’. It refers to a set of similar, recurring and instantly –recognizable patterns, templates, themes and generic conventions.

How often do you find yourself saying to your friends on a Saturday night that you want to watch a horror movie? Or that you feel down and dreary so you want to watch a comedy to lighten yourself up?

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